Kentaro Miurau's "Berserk"

"One of the greatest series ever. It is an epic tale of great heroic proportion. It has heroes that you will really feel for and villains that you will totally despise. A must read for all action and fantasy fans.

Its status in the manga world is like "Lord of the Ring" or "Star Wars" saga. Need I explain more."
*taken from Baka-Updates Manga

This manga chronicles the travels of Gatts (also referred to as Gutts), a berserker swordsman wielding a massive blade, as he rises from wandering mercenary to being the unofficial disembowler of all things demonic... This is a very adult manga with graphic violence, sex, nudity and language, it holds nothing back.

Berserk is scanslated by Evil Genius and Band of Hawks (
Genre: horror, drama, brutal action, violence
Warning: This is a brutal Manga with a lot of "blood & violence, nude & rape scenes."
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Completed_Volumes <DIR>12 items12-02-11 Archived Volumes
Volume_033 <DIR>11 items04-10-09 Chapters 287-297
Volume_034 <DIR>10 items10-01-11 Chapters 298-307
Volume_035 <DIR>8 items10-01-11 Chapters 308-315
Volume_036 <DIR>9 items18-02-12 Chapters 316-324
Volume_037 <DIR>9 items07-07-18 Chapters 325-333